FETJ-Global Makes Waves

FETJ-Global continues to make waves by doing triple simultaneous workshops!! On the last weekend of the love month ( Feb 25-26, 2017), the very active Nagoya chapter held a Teaching Guidelines Seminar for its new members, trained by our very own Nat'l President, Ms. Katrina Harata.  Also, not too far from Nagoya, our past president Ms. Sampaguita Salazar did a magnificent job of training the Hamamatsu chapter with their Advanced Teacher Training.  To complete the triad workshops, FETJ-Global founder Ms. Aurora Dobashi, with other brilliant speakers, did another Dobashi magic that  drew the Tokyo crowd by storm through wonderfully engaging phonics activities at the ETJ Phonics Seminar.  The turn-out has unbelievably been the best so far.  Not even the Tokyo marathon could stop the teachers coming from all over the Kanto area from participating and enjoying  the seminar.  Hang on for upcoming events and workshops that FETJ-Global designed for YOU!!

Training of Trainers: A Gold Mine

With the objective of honing leadership skills to become trainers of their respective chapters, the Training of Trainers was held on Oct 8-9 in Shizuoka.  The officers of different chapters from Metro Tokyo and Western Japan gathered for a day and half of presentations and sharing of knowledge and their experiences in their field of interests as educators, with topics that have been covered in the TGS and ATT they have attended in the past.
The presentations were all admirably executed;  with passion accompanying the confidence of each presenter.  The whole thing turned out to be a showdown of talents; much like a gold mine that produced  a wonderful array  of stones polished to become  shiny and precious.  It was truly a day of wonderful  discoveries.
FETJGlobal proves again how it can be a channel to expose the hidden talents in us.  It is instrumental to our changing for the better; our metamorphosis to become our colorful better selves.  It is an avenue to push us to take bold steps and be bolder educators.
With the untiring efforts of our host, the Shizuoka Chapter, led by its president Ms Joji Jimenez Ueda, the TOT Workshop was a big success.  Gratitude also goes to our Founder & Training Director Ms. Aurora Dobashi, our Immediate Past President Ms Sampaguita Salazar,  the Execom ( our Nat'l President, Ms Katrina Harata and VP for EA Ms Elma Cruz as facilitators, VP for Training, Ms Lori Ligon for her moral support and not to forget our Exec VP Dr Mafe Carpio for her excellent team-building activities) and most importantly all the chapters that participated.  We thank you all for the time and work you put into your presentation.

Remember that it is for you all that FETJGlobal exists and operates.

Honto ni otsukare samadeshita!!