Founder's Message

What began as an idea to enhance the skills and improve the confidence of Filipino English teachers here in Japan has materialized. FETJ has become a recognized and respected organization not only with the foreign community but also with the Japanese community. I am incredibly proud of what FETJ has accomplished and I could not have done it without the support of all my fellow Filipinos who helped me build this group and shared my vision.

Since 2000, FETJ has made enormous strides in providing seminars and workshops. In addition, FETJ has built a strong community actively working together as catalysts in advocating and in enhancing English teaching skills among children and adults. Our organization continues to build network and chapters in various parts of the country. I am committed to education and training of FETJ members to enhance their teaching skills and build confidence in English Language Teaching.

I created this organization because I believe that Filipinos have great potential to succeed no matter what field of endeavor we belong wherever we maybe. Everyday let us remember this and draw some inspiration as we continue on our journey. Thank you for joining us in this pursuit.


President's Message