FETJ Trainers: Guests at the UESS Spring Camp 2013

The Filipino English Teachers in Japan (FETJ) pool of trainers were the special guests of the Urawa English Speaking Society (UESS) at their Spring Camp 2013 held at the Saitama Prefectural Citizens Activities General Center (KENKATSU), Saitama on May 25, 2013. The trainers are composed of Sampaguita Salazar, FETJ President; Katrina Harata, Executive Vice President; Lori Ligon, Vice President for Training (National), Victoria Hirai and Ma. Teresita Ito, Vice Presidents for Training, Saitama 2 Chapter.

UESS is a non-profit private organization of elite men and women from different fields and professions.   It aims to attain proficiency in speaking English with different people in Japan and around the world.  They hold regular skit at NHK Radio English Conversation Program.  Periodic events like Spring Camp, Summer Party, Autumn Camp and Christmas Party are some of the big events UESS sponsor where they invite English speakers from various nationality here in Japan and abroad.


Spring Camp 2013 covered four (4) major topics such as:

  1.  English for Travellers
  2.  Philippines and Japan; its similarities and differences
  3. Teaching English in Japan; the teacher’s impression and
  4.  Interests and Hobbies


The program started by the welcome remarks of UESS President, Mr. R. Iida followed by the introduction by the FETJ speakers.  The program ran for one (hour) followed by a Tea Party where all the members had an opportunity to mingle and chat with the speakers.  Later in the after was the Speech Delivery of volunteer members covering topics of choice.


The day was spelled a SUCCESS with all the members wearing BIG SMILES.  They cannot thank FETJ enough for the special lessons prepared for them.  In return, they had all praises for FETJ speakers for the special program and for the passion in teaching English.