Watch and be amazed at how the Filipino English Teachers in Japan (FETJ Global) has reached great heights and achieved popularity in Japan. As a respectable teacher organization, it has attained a high level of recognition among language dispatch companies, business English schools and of course the Board of Education in most cities in Japan.

FETJGlobal, through its many effective workshops and trainings facilitated by ‘creme-de-la-creme’ trainers, is THE medium that enhances and empowers the Filipinos living in Japan. Gone are the days when we were looked down and frowned upon because of employment and racial discrimination. It continues to be instrumental in uplifting and maintaining the quality of employment and consequently provide a much better way of life for everybody.

The testimonies and the images herein further prove how far FETJ Global has gone from its humble beginnings. Spearheaded by its Chairman & Founder, Ms Aurora Dobashi and passionately supported by the Past President Ms Sampaguita Salazar, together with the concerted efforts of its present set of executive officers and all of the chapters’ core and members, FETJ Global will never tire of extending its helping hand to those who want to be in the teaching force. We are here for you!

Watch and enjoy our story specially made by the Okazaki Chapter.