Do you hire teachers?

We do not provide employment. However, we may help you look for teaching jobs in Japan. By becoming a member, you may avail discounts on practical workshops that may help you land a teaching job.

Where is your school located?

We have chapters and units all over Japan. You may sign up in the chapter near you or wherever is most convenient.

How much is the membership fee?

Membership fee of 2,000 yen is paid annually to your chapter. This entitles you to more than a thousand-yen discount on each workshop.

Do I get a certificate after each workshop?

You will be given certificates when you attend major workshops such as Teaching Guidelines Seminar (TGS), Advanced Teacher Training (ATT), English Grammar Overview, and English as Foreign Language (EFL) Teaching Techniques. Other mini workshops done by the chapter core officers do not issue certificates.

I want to be a teacher in Japan, where should I start?

Teaching in Japan is different from teaching in the Philippines or abroad. Start by attending the Teaching Guidelines Seminar to get an overview of English teaching in Japan and reflect on which path you want to take. You may take other workshops before taking TGS. We also offer career counseling and coaching exclusively to our members.

I am not a teacher in my country, can I be a teacher?

You don’t have to be a licensed teacher nor have teaching experience to apply for a teaching job in Japan. If you want to work in public and private schools, you need at least a bachelor’s degree. Some English conversation schools do not require a bachelor’s degree at all.

I am not sure if I really want to be a teacher, but I am curious. Can I still attend the workshops?

We welcome everyone who wants to become a member or just attend a workshop. Although we were primarily a Filipino teachers’ organization, we now have members from different countries.

How often do you have workshops?

Workshops are done regularly although schedule may vary depending on the chapter and availability of trainers. We recommend you attend the soonest workshop in your area.