Aurora Dobashi

Founder, Chairperson

Phone: 090 – 5432 – 7658   Email: etja2z@yahoo.com

Aurora Dobashi was one of the first Filipinos to become English teachers in Japan and has been teaching for three decades since then. She has worked as an ALT for Saitama Board of Education since 2010. She also trains for Oxford University Press and the British Council in Japan.  Before becoming an ALT, Aurora worked as a curriculum developer and trainer for Shogakukan Inc., TV announcer and university lecturer in the Philippines.

Aurora is from Laoag in northern Philippines and finished her Mass Communication degree at St. Louis University in Baguio City. She took MA units in Education. She started FETJG and gave workshops at her home in Saitama to help Filipinos become English teachers more than ten years ago. The organization grew and now has twenty-four chapters in Japan and the Philippines. Aurora is one of the most in demand trainers in Japan including for EFL Teaching Techniques, Teaching Guidelines and Advanced Teacher Training seminars.

Ms. Dobashi’s hobbies are reading a book and surfing the Internet. She also likes to go to a hot spring. She is interested in teaching and learning, developing teaching materials, and lifelong learning. Aurora loves to share her knowledge in language teaching and to help her fellow Filipinos.


Maria Theresa Niibori


Phone: 090 – 4095 – 2632   Email: theresaniibori@yahoo.com

Maria Theresa Niibori is an ALT for Matusudo City Board of Education. She has earned MBA units and has a bachelor’s degree in English. As the president of FETJ – Global, she presides on all the meetings of the executive committee and determines the direction the organization will take for two years until 2019.  Maria has done grammar overview workshops for FETJG.

Before being elected president, Maria served as secretary and Chiba 1 chapter president. She is from Angeles City, Pampanga in the Philippines. She likes watching movies and going out with friends.


Marife Carpio

Executive Vice-President

Email: mdcarpio@gmail.com

Marife Carpio has a PhD in Communication and Media from Osaka University where she also earned her master’s degree of the same course. She  took her BS Development Communication at University of the Philippines.

She is an English teacher at Ritsumeikan Junior and Senior High Schools in Kyoto. She has also worked as an ALT and as a business English teacher at various schools since 2011. As the vice-president, Marife has a shared responsibility in shaping the organization’s agenda with the president. She manages the internal affairs of the organization and makes sure that every officer is doing their work happily.

She has done several workshops for FETJG including Storytelling, Powering up teaching, materials with MS PowerPoint and Grammar workshops. She also speaks on topics in TG and ATT seminars.

Marife likes a lot of things including reading, blogging, cooking, baking, photography, boxing and arts and crafts. She is interested in ICT-based learning, online and technical writing, lifelong learning, learning material production, storytelling in ESL, and disaster/risk management.


Elma Rosario Cruz

Vice-President for External Affairs

Phone: 080 – 6904 – 1964    Email: elmarcruz1220@yahoo.com

Elma Rosario Cruz has decades of experience in EFL teaching in Japan. She has taught in all levels from kindergarten to university. At present, she teaches at Shiga Polytech College while doing corporate classes, English conversation classes for YMCA, kids’ classes at St. Joseph’s Kindergarten and the Global English Program for ISA.

Elma got her MBA and BSBA Major in Management and Marketing from Philippine School of Business Administration. She uses her managerial skills to organize FETJG’s Study Program abroad and to provide liaison to FETJ Philippines. She is also an on-demand trainer for FETJG especially for Resume Building and Mock Interview workshop, Basic Grammar, Business English, Basic English Communication and Pronunciation Practice workshops. She assists Ms. Dobashi and the other TGS and ATT trainers during these seminars.

Ms. Cruz is from Quezon City in the Philippines and she likes Photography.  She was a member and has done exhibits with Nagoya Foreign Artist Exhibition. She also into adrenaline pumping extreme sports.


Lalaine C. Vilar


Phone: 080 – 4070 – 2023    Email: lalaine0620@yahoo.com

Lalaine Vilar is an Assistant Language Teacher for Interac in Yokohama. She has also worked for YMCA Kindergarten and Shogakukan Productions Private Eikaiwa. She takes the minutes of every Executive Committee meeting and keeping of all the records of the organization as the secretary.  She has done Teaching Guidelines and Advanced Teacher Training seminars.

From Pangasinan in the Philippines, Lalaine has an MA in Educational Management and BS English degree. She likes watching TV and surfing the Internet.


Loretta Ramirez Ligon


Phone: 080 – 3000 – 3603   Email: lori_ligon@yahoo.com 

Loretta Ramirez Ligon is language teacher for Saitama Board of Education while working at English cram schools and English camps on the side. She has trained for several FETJG workshops including Teaching Guidelines Seminar, Homebased English Teaching and Theme-based workshops like Halloween, Christmas and Easter lessons.  As the treasurer, Ms. Ligon has an important role in taking care of FETJ funds and expenses.

She is from Bulacan and has a degree in Medical Technology. She is a passionate runner and has run in Tokyo Marathon for years.


Mariz M. Endoh


 Email: mariz308912@gmail.com 

Mariz started FETJG Okazaki more than five years ago that gave way to founding of more chapters in Western Japan. She has served as Okazaki chapter president and Western Japan coordinator before being elected as auditor. She enjoys auditing all financial records of FETJ-Global quarterly. She also ensures the necessary safeguards in the administration of the funds of the organization.

Ms. Endoh had her own eikaiwa classes in her home in Okazaki. She was also a nutritionist for Slimmer’s World International and a Fitness and Wellness Consultant and COO for The Slim Shop Inc. in the Philippines. Now, she is a Skin Care Practitioner at Skin and Body Basics (SABB) at her own clinic in Okazaki.

She is from Navotas – Malabon Metro Manila and has a BS Nutrition and Dietetics degree from University of Santo Tomas. She likes reading, singing and watching TV. Her strengths are  sales and marketing, and Skin And Body Wellness Research.


Maria Katrina Harata

Training Manager for Western Japan

  Email: mariakatrinaharata@gmail.com

Katrina has been doing TGS and ATT seminars for several years and has also done Resume Building workshops. As the training manager for Western Japan, she manages FETJ-G Western Japan’s workshop schedule, identifies professional development needs of the members and provides necessary trainings. She is also the immediate past president of FETJG.

She is an Assistant Language Teacher at a primary school for ALTIA Central. She has also worked as an ALT for Toda City and Fujimi City.  Katrina is from Tuao West, Cagayan Valley and has a bachelor’s degree in Family Economics. She is interested in soap making, organic skin care and Greek history.


Sampaguita Salazar

Training Manager for Eastern Japan

Phone: 080 – 3210 – 3009   Email: sampaguitav@gmail.com

Ms. Salazar is one of the drivers of FETJG who stayed with the organization from its younger years until it became what it is today. She served as its national president a few years ago and has trained for the organization including the flagship Teaching Guidelines and Advanced Teacher Training seminars.  She manages trainings for Eastern Japan as part of her new position.

Sampaguita is from Negros Occidental in the Philippines and has a degree in BS Commerce Major in Personnel Management. She has worked as an international speech coach and as a Sunday school teacher. Currently, she works as a Native English Teacher for Saitama Board of Education. She enjoys playing scrabble in her free time.


Joji Ueda

Western Japan Coordinator

   Email: jyanshi0208@gmail.com

Joji served as FETJG Shizuoka’s president before she was elected Western Japan coordinator. She is an Assistant Language Teacher at Tokoha University and Tachibana Elementary School in Shizuoka. She has been a language teacher in Japan for about ten years.

As coordinator, she relays information to chapters in Western Japan, promotes activities and events in the area, coordinates managerial and administrative concerns, and assists new members on job placements.

She is from Iloilo City and has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science. Passionate about making crafts, she has been designing, crafting and creating since she was a little girl even when she was not even allowed to use scissors at the time. She spent her childhood creating something from scratch and always knew crafting would be a big part of her life.


Eliseo F. Vargas, Jr.

Marketing and Communications Officer

Phone: 090 – 9176 – 0665   Email: eliseovargas14@gmail.com

Eliseo, or Ellie as people in FETJG call him, has been an ALT for Toyohashi Board of Education for five years. He has also worked as an ELT for a private language school in Toyohashi. He served as Okazaki president before being elected to his present position. His roles include website development for FETJG, relaying information from national president to chapter presidents, proofreading and making suggestions on workshop posters.

Ellie has done several workshops in Okazaki including grammar and phonology workshops and pioneered the first and only Internship Program for Teaching Young Learners in FETJG if not in Japan where teacher-trainees have the chance to apply what they have learned from the lectures in the morning to their own classes with Japanese students in the afternoon.

Ellie earned his bachelor’s degree in psychology and communication and media studies from the University of the Philippines. He's into photography and videography. Ellie has a passion  for learning and teaching that he took a professional teaching certificate course on University of the Philippines Open University.

Now, he does his best every day to improve and change in his own little ways the EFL learning-teaching in Japan. Ellie is interested in how psychology comes into play in EFL learning and teaching. Ellie teaches English while improving his students’ metacognitive skills and maintaining a positive classroom.